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Page history last edited by Karena Hunt 10 years, 10 months ago

This page is for keeping track of characters in the book. Each person in your group is required to add/edit information about at least 6 characters (2 of them must be "minor" characters). Include both direct and indirect characterization, physical as well as personality characteristics, and any important quotes or dialogue by or about that character.

1) Matt
2) Celia
3) El Patron

4) Mr. alacran

5) Gustavo Alacran

6) Benito

7) Tom

8) Felicia,

9) Lost boys

10) Keepers

11) Sister Inez

12) Esprenza Mendoza


14) Macrgregor

15) Emilia

16) Tam Lin

16) Daft Donald

17) Eejits

18) Rosa

19) Mr. Ortega




20) Furball  

21) Steven 

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